There's a nice strowis citywalk available
for 50 cents. It's an hour and a half walk
and it'll take you past all the interesting
sites of Utrecht city centre.

The old medieval centre of the city of Utrecht is located within walking distance
of Strowis. The inner city with the Dom Tower and the Cathedral has a pleasant atmosphere and is famous for its outdoor cafés along the old canals.

Statue in the courtyard of the Dom tower, Utrecht

In the Museum city district you can find a wide variety of museums and galleries.

Utrecht has a sparkling nightlife. For those who like to go out, there are many cafés, discos and clubs.

Hungry tourists and lovers of excellent food can find their pleasure in one of the many restaurants from all over the world, from small bars serving food to exclusive restaurants.

Statue in the courtyard of the Dom tower, Utrecht

The City of Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands, and is an important railway interchange. The trains from and to Amsterdam and Schiphol airport go twenty-four hours a day. Moreover, the rest of the Netherlands can also be easily reached from Utrecht.

Dom tower, Utrecht